Sometimes things I'm working on prompt me to share what I'm learning with a broader audience (well, really those few who might trip over this site).

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Test of the walls

Drupal Drop

The (thankfully) delayed End of Life (EoL) for the decade old Drupal 7 code base happens at the end of November 2022, extended from November 2021. This presents a conundrum for the potentially over 500,000 sites that use D7 as their platform. While the focus of the core Drupal team is to have as... more

PayPal Bad Transfer

When it works, which is most the time, PayPal is a very useful system. When it fails, especially when they completely suspend an account, it is a tremendous failure with no alternative and not real idea why. This is a story of the latter. 

A timeline:

  • Earlier in 2021 (maybe... more

Welcome to the new site - actually the first under this domain!

I've been playing with a bunch of different CMS and CMS type applications recently. My history is in Drupal (actually close to 15 years site building and development work with what is a marvelous framework for developers).... more