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I'm Tom Killilea and I have been many things over the years - I tend to summarize it as a Jack of Many Things Technical...

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Test of the walls

- Dec 07, 2023

The (thankfully) delayed End of Life (EoL) for the decade old Drupal 7 code base happens at the end of November 2022, extended from November 2021. This presents a conundrum for the potentially over 500,000 sites that use D7 as their platform.

- Aug 17, 2021

When it works, which is most the time, PayPal is a very useful system. When it fails, especially when they completely suspend an account, it is a tremendous failure with no alternative and not real idea why. This is a story of the latter. 

A timeline:

- Jul 28, 2021

Welcome to the new site - actually the first under this domain!

- Jun 30, 2021