Tom Killilea

Operations and Technical Management

Program Management • Planning and Implementation •  Business Analysis

Delivers business solutions through technical analysis, operational strategy and communications. Works with stakeholders to develop creative solutions through interpreting complex data and clarifying technical options appropriate to their needs. Adaptable and client focused to attain successful outcomes.

  • Skilled problem solver with the business and technical skill set to develop and implement complex business solutions based on close consultation with stakeholders and interpretation of financial, marketing and operational data.
  • Accomplished Business Communicator with a history of building long term relationships with stakeholder teams to promote initiatives to attain organizational goals.
  • Developer and Consultant working with organizations at all levels to design solutions based on analysis of the client’s goals, current state of technology, and prevailing best practices.
  • Project Leader with a history of partnering with a variety of technical and business collaborators to define and implement successful strategies.

Key Skills

  • Business Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Collaborative Work
  • Project Management
  • Technical Writing
  • MS Office Suite/Google Workspace
  • Operations/Business Management
  • Web Development (PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML. Vue.js, Angular.js)

Professional Experience

TFPKIII, Berkeley, CA
Jan 2007 - Dec 2021

Independent contractor focused on providing support to improved Internet presences for Small and Medium Businesses and Nonprofit Enterprises.

  • Updating web process for provider of online real estate professional certification courses
    Evaluated existing, aging php-based business and class administration system serving over 200 related schools with a collective total of over 100,000 online students. Working with the company management and design team, created a framework for administering the schools, classes, and students. This included reconstructing existing data schemas to enable migration into the new Drupal data structure. Designed a modernized ecommerce process to enable enrollment from multiple sources, including direct student signup and school administrators input.
  • Migration and Redesign for International Environmental Association
    Concerned about the EOL for Drupal 7 and needing to refresh their associations online presence, resulted in developing a migration strategy to Backdrop CMS (a fork of the Drupal 7 project) as the new framework. Worked with their designer to implement a more modern design along with the migration.
  • Design and built expert reference portal for Microbiology industry
    Designed the model for a Yahoo-style knowledge-based search site for publications in the microbiology community based on the scientist-owner’s concept. Developed system to provide administrators the ability to add internet feeds, categorize the results, and display in subject-based pages with summaries and links to the original content.
  • Technical customer service for international tax software company
    Worked with Sales VP to manage Salesforce CRM information. Evaluated XML formatted documentation for importation to client’s software.
  • Market research report on use and testing of antennas in mobile communications
    Identified existing and trending use of antennas in cell, wifi, and remote measuring markets based on survey of technical publications augmented by expert interviews. The resulting report provided the client an overview of the opportunities for further in-house study.
Academic Senate, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Dec 2011 - May 2017

Strategy Development, Technical Support, and Project Management to improve web-based committee organizing and communications for the Berkeley Division of the UC Academic Senate.

  • Led major redesign project for the website
    Designed and implemented an update to the Academic Senate website based on analysis of the requirements of the key stakeholders, including faculty Committee members and Senate staff. Integrated results of analysis with UC Berkeley style guides and Drupal best practices to automate the construction of committee rosters, calendars, and improved the workflow for maintaining site content.
  • Managed project to enable web-based committee recruitment and roster management
    Created custom web application which integrated the Senate’s system for assigning membership of over 20 Committees with the Senate’s website. Working with Committee on Committees (COMS) staff and historic data sources, identified and created summaries of key information which improved the process used to evaluate the service history of interested faculty.
NetBox Technical Director / General Manager, Palo Alto, CA
May 1995 - Jul 2021

Technical lead and product manager for a startup providing independent Internet communications solutions.

  • Business analysis for internet product development
    Developed the startup plan for one of the earliest, independent internet email/web portal services based on an analysis of existing email environment. Continuously updated plans and implementation based on market conditions and emerging technologies, which included one of the first public cloud hosting environments based on VMware ESX server.
  • Project planning and implementation - specialty Domain Name marketing
    Led the technical team creating music industry related websites which combined the efforts of a leading domain marketing company, country-level domain name manager, and developers. The result was the creation of an ecommerce site which registered over 300 music related domain sites in the three months.
  • Project planning and implementation - E-Leasing App
    Managed the technical development of an online lease system for a major Japanese leasing company. Lead the efforts of NetBox, the client’s management team, other consultants, and hardware distributors to develop one of the first complete leasing options for the internet.
  • Project planning and implementation - web-based Job Shop management app
    Planned and led a team which created a database driven, web-based ordering and operations application, saving the client over $100,000 annually though production control, streamlined customer ordering, and inventory management.
Save Berkeley Iceland, Berkeley, CA
Apr 2006 - Dec 2012

A community-based nonprofit corporation with the mission to preserve and restore Berkeley Iceland, an historic ice skating center

  • Business planning for fundraising and project funding
    Led the development of a $10 million business plan for the restoration of Berkeley Iceland, an historic skating venue and community asset. Managed the team which created a fundraising strategy resulting in donations and pledges of over $200,000 in two years, and led to making the building eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Internet development for project promotion and supporter tracking
    Established a web portal to support the online community for Save Berkeley Iceland using the open source Drupal framework. Worked with volunteer team to craft messages and media strategy to promote the project, including regular blog entries, news articles, and multimedia historical content to tell the Berkeley Iceland story.
Xidex/Anacomp Japan KK, Tokyo, Japan

P&L and Operational Management for the Japanese subsidiary of a world leading supplier of information storage media and devices..

  • Financial reporting, strategic planning and change management
    Recruited to restore leadership to the business, manufacturing, and sales operations after local management challenges resulting from rapid growth of the parent company. Responsible for creating and performing to annual budgets, P&L reporting for the Japanese operations, and sales growth of over $10 million in 5 years. Developed a successful Japanese strategy when the US parent merged to form a larger organization. Integrated the new company's product lines with the resulting Japanese organization growing to annual sales of $40 million.
  • Improved Japanese client support by updated operational and communication processes
    Primary contact for the communications between US parent company and Japanese stakeholders. Represented the parent company at key Japanese meetings and industry events as well as Japanese interests to corporate management. Plans were developed and implemented with the parent company factories based on feedback from Japanese customers. The inclusion of local testing of products and best practice inventory processes ensured timely supply of products which met Japanese standards.
SRI Chemical Business Center, Menlo Park, CA

Independent, nonprofit research institute conducting client-sponsored research and development for government agencies, commercial businesses, foundations, and other organizations.

  • Market analysis and reporting on the energy and petrochemical industries
    Market research and process economic analysis for SRI's industry standard multi-client program and multinational clients. Domain expert on petroleum/chemical interface markets, conducting primary research ranging from multinational study on polymer raw material in South and Southeast Asian markets to detailed survey and analysis of the natural gas market in Australia for a major Japanese energy company. Developed marketing models for refinery economics as part of the Process Economics team.


Masters of Business Administration, International Business/Marketing
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, Earth, Ocean and Air Sciences
University of California, Berkeley, CA