The Academic Senate at the University of California represents the school's faculty in their shared governance responsibilities. Through active recruiting of members of the faculty, the Academic Senate consists of committees which work with the University administration doing academic policy and faculty development. Prior to 2017, the Academic Senate had its own IT personnel dedicated to developing online resources to advance it's mission. That position was phased out for budgetary reasons with the website maintenance responsibilities transferred to central services.

While in this position, my activities included:

  • Migration of an existing Drupal 6 hosted on outside servers to Drupal 7 hosted on a Campus cloud servers
  • Creation of app to manage Senate grants
  • Developed system for recruiting and manage committee membership and rosters
  • Created secure system for Senate elections which followed bylaws
  • Managed development and implementation of redesign of Senate's website linking to the new apps

Tools Used:

  • Drupal 7 hosted on Pantheon cloud services
  • AngularJS for embedded tables
  • Eclipse IDE
  • PHP for custom Drupal modules
  • CSS